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it works with Windows!!! Klip Help File

This is a new way of being informed about every days' thoughts that are published at this site.

Another way of letting these thought reach you. When you have an Internet connection, you can read the titles that were published at this site: yesterday's title, today's and tomorrow's title. You can read an excerpt of the thought. And if you are interested in reading more, you just click on the thought and the complete one at this site appears in front of you!

This is not email. Just something that lets you 'peep' the news at this site (just a little). You could read these news and a lot more if you download this Windows thing: Klip for FREE from it's site..  

Later, after you have it started at your Windows you can add this Klip to your brand new collection!

To add this Klip, you only have to click on the following button..

That's all! I hope that being better informed is going to keep you visiting this site more frequently! Logo