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PROJECT BOL - Krishnamurti's Book of Life distribution


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this is Jiddu Krishnamurti, a contemporary Indian thinker, visit his site

What's going on here?

This is the place where I explain the structure of my studies about WWW development and distribution. All this project is my practice of a real future job of Web Producing -or- Web Design -or- Web Admin.
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How am I going to study all these new technollogies?

Like everything. By imitation. Reading, watching, begging and trying.

What are my tools?

Thank's to , all what is in this site is for producing very pretty work: cvs, forums, Perl (Of course!), PHP, MySQL, logins, crontab and all platforms.

The technology used at this site is worldwide famous for their resources and different perspectives that support. But I am only using very little of it for my practical requirements:

  • XML - minXML (for javascript), PHPxml (
  • JAVA - Sun's latest JRE, JAR files built with JBuilder4
  • Perl
  • PHP4 
  • MySQL database
  • RFD 

What is the structure of my project?

download a FREE copy of my E-Book for testing or for fun... Basically, I have created a sort of E-book/Calendar hybrid that is multiplatform. This is the soft that is used to read J.Krishnamurti's Book of Life , and show it on any desktop that supports Sun's JAVA JRE . The text was structured by me in XML , based on a DTD of my creation that would work good for this book without further standarization. All these files go inside a JAR file that can be downloaded and started from any desktop and any platform.
download a FREE copy of my E-Book for testing or for fun...

Krishnamurti's philosophy is worldwide known because it is easy to understand and accept by any religion. And was created to follow no leader or institution. This project is my little contribution to help people overcome this dark times in evolution. And my goal is to keep on publishing useful material for everyone, as long as I keep on studying WWW new technologies and being able to publish things.

this is the cover of the real book at kfa

So to distribute this e-book I need to reproduce the standard procedures to promote a product, although in my case it is a FREE product. 

I also need to reach excellence in downloading, installation and support of it. All this, shouldn't have to be different from any standard procedure that would follow someone at a stable job in a commercial software production office.

Currently, the desktop application works well at my two working platforms:

Windows XP Pro and GNU-LINUX Mandrake ! Needs to be tested and polished for other platforms like UNIX, other LINUX (may be building RPMs and other distros), MACs, etc.

I know that there should also be required some banner advertising. And could be done as long as there would be no money involved in the process. 

get the FREE e-book in JAVA (source included)  
To do this promotion, I thought about building a WWW version of my E-book to read and try before downloading / installing. And could be visited daily to have a look at that day's thought. Now, it has a Search Tool to look for special words in this on-line e-book. Then, read the titles and a little excerpt of every thought found. And click to read all of it, if you want.

These daily thoughts are a good way of starting every day's routine. With something useful in the mind, to think about during the rest of the day.
Eventually, if someone wants to have the desktop version, they only have to click the link at the foot of this page to download it and launch it easily. Just as simple!

To keep people visiting this site, I am using a *NIX crontab that every day generates an RDF file that has that day's title and can be distributed to an RDF center for everyone to consult it. If the title interests anyone, at the click of the mouse they could reach my PHP page and read the thought of the day...

For the Mozilla browser family user there is a nice side-bar that can be attached to their browser. And that every day shows the title of the thought of that day that would take them to this site with a click on it. You can now access yesterday's and tomorrow's thought without needing to build the date.

New ways of reading The Book of Life Daily Thoughts-/- Ahora, también en castellano

There is now another way of reading Jiddu Krishnamurti's Book of Life excerpts every day: a very light weight BOL calendar that is read and modifiable by TreePad Lite editor (Freeware).

You can download a handy calendar to start this new year well organized, informed and to start every day with a clear spirit! Or send it by email to your beloved ones for Christmas.
Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Download - Build your future (calendar) - etc.

You could even, customize your own calendar by also downloading the source code or a binary win32 executable... See pictures, download FREE calendars for 2010, 2011 and 2012!

NUEVO: ¡Ahora, también la agenda en castellano! Años 2010, 2011 y 2012

Read more... Más sobre TreepadLite y las agendas BOL.

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having daily titles as news every day (see here)


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